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September 13, 2013
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:Rabbito-Dauto: Hakoniwa Tokichi by meirenka :Rabbito-Dauto: Hakoniwa Tokichi by meirenka
Toki's app-free art is here >>>

For the rp group :iconblacksparklesplz::iconrabbito-dauto::iconblacksparklesplz:

:bulletblue: Name: Hakoniwa Tokichi

:bulletblue: Nickname: Toki, Chi-tan, Uke-kun

:bulletblue: Age: 16

:bulletblue: Birthday: 7 April

:bulletblue: Gender: Male

:bulletblue: Weapon Choice: A hunting knife

:bulletblue: Opinion on what is happening: Despite looking like a cocksure kind of guy, Toki is actually very naive and scared of people. But he is very good at adapting to his surrounding so he'll just go with the flow, he's kinda experienced with hunting and killing anyway

:bulletblue: Relationship's: He only has his dad right now since his mother died in one of the trips to Africa. His love life? Well, he's still waiting for "The One" XDDD

:bulletblue: Personality: Toki is actually very gentle and childish, even if his face says otherwise. He cares about people he loves, and is very good with animals. They would come to him as if he's one of them. Toki's kinda gullible and naive to the ways of the world. Usually his father is the one that gets him clothes and got him that S4 phone

:bulletblue: Likes: Music, animals (they love him back), sunny days, mountains, climbing trees and food (Toki's a major glutton, beware)

:bulletblue: Dislikes: Liars, backstabbers, and people who hurts others. He also hates small cramped places (claustrophobia)

:bulletblue: History: Toki's mother was a daughter of a very wealthy family, but she went to live independently as a biologist because she didn't want to depend on her family for everything. She met her husband (a zoologist) when they were assigned to a research expedition together in Africa. They fell in love and got married. Her parents were against it and disowned her. After Toki was born, he was raised in the wilds of Africa. Isolated from people of his age, Toki is close with his parents. His only other friends are the animals in Africa. He loves playing around with animals, even going so far as bathing with them. After a lion killed his mother, Toki went beserk and his animalistic alter ego was born. He went crazy and killed the lion without any weapons. Since that incident, he trained himself to become stronger and agile, almost like a real animal. When he's 15 his father brought him back to Japan. Since then Toki is trying his best to try and live like a normal teenager. However when he was walking home from school, he received a message about a game. Unsure what to do, he just went ahead and clicked Yes. Little did he know his life will be plunged once more into the wild.....

:bulletblue: Extra:
- Toki's favorite food is steak, melon bread and takoyaki
- He is the only heir to his mother's wealth, and was targeted by jealous relatives
- Toki wants to make friends
- The only animal he fears is snake

Hakoniwa Tokichi@*ShikiREN96
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meirenka Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Student General Artist
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